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Breaking New Ground

I just heard on the radio that U2 is going to be broadcasting an entire concert live on YouTube this coming Sunday. It is supposedly a YouTube first and I’m sure it will be a huge success.  I will most likely be sleeping soundly when it airs, but I’m sure it will have a huge […]

Why we invented heat applied lettering

Just finished an article in the online New York Times that not only made me laugh, but it reminded me about why my father started offering lettering with a thermal adhesive that people could apply themselves–he was tired of people complaining about the spelling mistakes they said he made!  ( Stahls’ Felt Stamping, the original […]

How to clean a heat press platen

I received this comment on a previous post about heat presses and thought other people might have the same problem, so I thought I would repost the comment here. Hi Ted! I didn’t know where to leave this comment, but here goes: We have a heatpress, and the platens will eventually need a good clean-up […]