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Invite a Heat Press to Your Next Party

Attention all heat press owners…the next time you have a party, an open house, a sale in your store, or any event where it would be appropriate to create a commemorative t-shirt…set up your heat press! That’s what a customer of ours did at a recent party celebrating the grand opening of their new office […]

America Is Great

I am always reminded of the deep love of country so many people in the USA share whenever I travel. Whether it is a group of people spontaneously applauding service men and women in the airport or the ubiquitous American flags in convenience stores, gas stations and other places you don’t expect to see a […]

Another Heat Printing Hit

Heard from the gang on the floor at the FESPA Fabric in Hamburg, where they are premiering CAD-CUT Premium Plus.  (Click here for your free sample) Josh Ellsworth is there and he sent me some pictures of folks who are testing the stretchability of the new film. He reports that one fellow actually tore the […]

Zombies are Out of the Box

Before you go running to the window…there are no zombies outside right now, at least I hope not. But it seems that zombies are a trending topic that brought a lot of attention to a website that no one normally visits that much. On May 16, 2011, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) used the […]

Innovate Like Steve Jobs

If you’re looking for a  role model for innovating, Steve Jobs should be on your list of people who know how to innovate.  As Carmine Gallo says in his recent blog about Steve Jobs: “While anyone can learn the principles that drive Apple’s innovation, few businesses have the courage to do so.  It takes courage […]