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Happy New Year Sydney Fireworks

Happy 2012 to friends and family around the world. Enjoy this amazing fireworks display from Sydney, Australia.

Predictions 2012–Support After the Sale Key

It’s almost time to call it a year–and here’s hoping that 2012 will be a better year for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Congratulations to those of you who made it through this tough economic year by going after new business and focusing on the needs of your customers. Ben Robinson, General Manager of Stahls’ […]

Hard to Print Item? Let us take a crack at it!

Stahls’ ID Direct is throwing down the gauntlet so to speak…challenging you to send us your hard to print soft items,  such as nylon or polyester apparel, polypropylene tote bags, umbrellas, sneakers, leather portfolios, and the like and give us a chance to show you that we can heat print on just about anything. When you send in […]

FREE Personalized Apparel Video for Your Website

If you want to show people what you do, you probably have a website. But do you have a video? Now you do! This unbranded promo video is available on YouTube and you can easily embed it in an email or use on your website. Take a look and see all the things you can […]

Predictions 2012–T-Shirt Art Trends by Dane Clement

If you are a frequent reader, you’ll know that I ususally reserve this time of year to post predictions from folks within the GroupeSTAHL family. I will be doing so the rest of this week and wanted to start things off with some thoughts on where artwork is headed in 2012 from one of our […]