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Our Great Race 2012 Car

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This is the car we will be driving in the 2012 Great Race. It's a 1941 Packard in original condition, including the paint job, and has 60,000 miles on it. I wish I knew its story, but it's a survivor, to be sure.

Here’s a photo of the 1941 Packard that we’ll be driving in the Great Race 2012 this coming June. It’s a true original, with the original paint job, interior and no modifications except for some changes to the rear end so that we can drive at minimum highway speeds more safely. It’s ready to hit the road. The Great Race is all about timing. You can lose points for arriving at checkpoints too soon and of course for being too slow. The closer you are to the exact pre-described times for each segment, the better your results. It’s all about the odometer and an accurate stop watch. And of course knowing where you are going. Since our team will be doing this for the first time, this rally will definitely be an eye-opener. In case you are wondering, the graphics on the side of the car are CAD-PRINTZ and they are removable.

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