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Attending a Trade Show?

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Don't miss this webinar from Stahls' Transfer Express on Nov. 17 on industry trade shows!

Don’t miss this webinar from Stahls’ Transfer Express on Nov. 17 on industry trade shows!

If you’re planning to attend a t-shirt industry trade show in the coming months, it truly pays to have a plan. Which trade shows should you attend? What are the most popular apparel industry shows? What should you bring? What should you wear? How can you find the best deals at the show? Discover the answers to this and much more at this free webinar from Transfer Express. If you print custom garments, or want to start, learn about getting the most out of attending apparel decorating trade shows. It is scheduled to air November 17th 2-3pm EST. In order to register and get the free link, click here.

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