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If You Can Embroider, You Can Heat Print

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Running a complicated piece of embroidery equipment is not for everyone. If you are an embroiderer, hats off to you for conquering this skill. Hats off to you for having the patience to figure it out and hats off to you for making this the cornerstone of your business. Embroidery is one of the classic, […]

New GlitterFlake Fluorescent Pastels Coming Soon!

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If you’re not already a huge fan of CAD-CUT® GlitterFlake, now there are more reasons than ever to discover the magic of bling for your Spring sales. We are adding 7 new colors and white very soon. I recently sent some samples of these new  neon/fluorescent GlitterFlake pastel colors to Michelle and Vivian at All That Jas […]

Heat Printing Education Schedule at SGIA

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We hope you’re able to join us at the upcoming SGIA (Specialty Graphics Imaging Association) Expo in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center from October 23-25th. In addition to a complete schedule of heat printing educational sessions right in the booth, you can also heat print your very own T-shirt in the Stahls’ T-Shirt Shoppe. You’ll […]

“Wait Till I Tell My Wife!”

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One more quick story from our visit to Pelee Island last weekend…On the ferry back to the mainland Mary and I went up to the ticket booth, where we were asked our name. When we said “Stahl” the gentleman asked if we had anything to do with the “heat transfer vinyl company.” When we said yes, the man behind […]

There’s a Video for That

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You may not be aware of all the different how-to videos that are available on Stahls’ ID Direct. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to find the heat printing videos on our site, but we have so many it can be overwhelming. One thing we’ve done is to group all the videos by category. You can also access the […]