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How to Decorate From Head to Toe

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If you want to learn how to increase sportswear sales, tune into the May 27th live educational event on StahlsTV.com led by team specialists Mike Koval.  (3-4:30pm EDT) Mike will show you how to use a heat press to print team uniforms and also cover tips on printing performance wear, shoes, warm-ups, bags, and more! Click […]

Real World Test Results–Seven Years Later

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If you’ve ever wondered how long our digitally printed CAD-PRINTZ® Solutions transfers last, take a look at this. Jason Murphy sent me this photo of Rick, who he ran into while working out at the gym. Rick received this shirt when he ran the NIKE Human Race Marathon in 2008! Since then he’s completed 10 marathons, […]

How To Sell More This Spring

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THINK BEYOND THE JERSEY ORDER If you print team jerseys, you are probably very busy right now. But if you’re looking for ways to increase sales, don’t forget that one way is to sell more to existing customers. There are lots of fans, parents and grandparents that support all the players picking up their custom […]

Heat Printing Creativity

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We are always so impressed by your heat printing creativity. Take a look at some of these recent Facebook “shares.” Also, I wanted to remind everyone about our upcoming live learning events on StahlsTV.com, where you can learn how to improve your heat printing skills and ask the instructors questions in real time. Only on […]

Stahls’ Show and Tell Saturday

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How’s your March Madness bracket holding up? ESPN reported that after the first games were finished, less than 1% of all the submitted brackets were still perfectly intact. The odds of creating a perfect bracket are 1 in 1,610,543,269, according to the experts. We don’t think that’s going to stop many people from enjoying all the […]