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Heat Printing for Spring Sports

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Spring sports heat printing ideas from Stahls' TV. Tune in to the Stahls' TV Morning Show every Monday.

Spring sports heat printing ideas from Stahls’ TV. Tune in to the Stahls’ TV Morning Show every Monday.

The Stahls’ TV morning show is a great way to start your week. If you missed last week’s episode on Spring Sports, find out what Zach and Josh have to say about heat printing spring uniforms. You’ll find out how to put your heat press to better use when decorating for spring sports. Track and field events are also excellent opportunities to sell more custom printing if you have the right graphics. High schoolers like to personalize for their particular event and parents usually have lots of time while at track meets. If you are able to bring a heat press and a few track and field related transfers or heat transfer vinyl logos to a local meet, you will be able to offer custom personalization on the spot. You can offer to donate a portion of the profits back to the school or track and field team.

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