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How To Speed Up Heat Transfer Vinyl Production

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heat transfer vinyl weeding table

Seet how the EZ Weeding Table can save you hours of production time when decorating with CAD-CUT heat transfer materials.

If you are looking for ways to improve your production time when using heat transfer vinyl materials, Stahls’ EZ-Weeding Table is the best solution. Introduced almost one year ago, it was developed by our CAD-CUT experts and experienced Hotronix heat press engineers. The sole purpose of the heated table is to make your life easier. Lightly heated, the weeding table allows the bond between the adhesive and the carrier to release just enough to make weeding easier. You will experience less ripping and easier removal of small pieces between letters and in the center of letters. If you’ve ever struggled with weeding heat transfer vinyl materials, this table is something that belongs in your shop. We are seeing more and more cutter owners step up their heat transfer vinyl production times. This product information video will show you how it works:

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