Looking for a Niche? What About Roller Derby?

Great niche market if you sell custom apparel. There's a lot of demand for creativity in the roller derby uniform world.

I was reading the Stahls’ ID Blog from last month, a posting by Jodi Weiler of Stahls’ ID Direct.  I agree with Jodi that this is a niche market you should consider looking into if you are on the search for new customers.

Roller derby uniforms are very custom and offer many opportunities to use some more unusual decorating methods, such as reflective, metallics and holographic materials. There is also widespread use of “bling” on the shorts, especially on the back of the shorts. Players often use this space to write messages if you know what I mean. Mark Venit recently published an article in his” Off the Cuff” series in Impressions online magazine, about the “Blingification” (nice word Mark) of custom apparel if you want to read more on this topic.

If you are interested in contacting your local roller derby league to see if they are interested in what you can offer them, this website will help you locate your  local derby league.

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