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Measure Twice, Cut Once

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A little comic relief from Dilbert during this busy time of year.

A little comic relief from Dilbert during this busy time of year.

The old adage, measure twice, cut once is especially important to remember when heat printing. In other words, take time to double check, take the time to proofread. How many times do you check the layout before you lower the heat press? Is the transfer facing the right direction? Is the number adhesive side down? There have been many famous examples of shirts and or other promotional items that have been incorrectly printed. During busy season, it’s more important than ever to remember to proofread your orders and check the spelling. If you recognize an error in grammar, such as the use of “they’re” instead of “their” or “there,” it’s worth a call to the customer to politely inquire if the error was intentional. The time spent double-checking will be far less than the cost and or time of reprinting an entire order. There was a recent article on the ASI website that shows a few more examples of proofreading errors. If you have any examples of jobs that could have benefited from an extra set of eyes, we would enjoy hearing about them.

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