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Class Of 2017 T-Shirts

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TransferExpressSignatureTransfersLooking for Class of 2017 t-shirt design ideas? If you want great designs that celebrate the class of 2017, Transfer Express has easy to use templates. We can also show you how to add typesetting, lists of student names to “class of” transfers or signatures. It’s easier than you think. The first video below shows you how to make a shirt that everyone will want to buy because it has his/her name on it. This type of shirt is also extremely popular for sports teams and all types of groups. Or add signatures. We have special signature layout templates. If you want to allow students to add their own custom signature to a shirt, Transfer Express can help. Just select a signature template design, print out the design, get the signatures and return the signed template back to us. It’s easier than it sounds and the result is a personalized shirt that no one can resist. Watch the second video below for more information.

Time for a New Cutter Blade?

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Is it time for a new cutter blade on your cutter? This video will explain why it's so important to check and maintain your blades.

Is it time for a new cutter blade on your cutter? This video will explain why it’s so important to check and maintain your blades.

If you own a cutter and frequently cut heat transfer vinyl materials, it might be time to change the blade. I’ve written about this before, but this is one of those topics that bears repeating. The video below has over 10,000 views on YouTube, so you know that it’s valuable information. Please take a minute to check your blade, especially if you’ve been cutting CAD-CUT GlitterFlake or other thicker materials. You’ll be surprised at how much easier the proper sharp blade, properly inserted and adjusted, will make in your cutting results. Your customers expect the best quality from you. Something as simple as checking and changing your cutter blade can make all the difference in the quality of your work.

7 Ways to Show Samples

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Make up a sample ring using mini-t-shirts. It's easy to do and can also be used by salespeople out of the store on client visits.

Make up a sample ring using mini-t-shirts. It’s easy to do and can also be used by salespeople out of the store on client visits.

Have you ever noticed a great looking display in a store and wanted to purchase one of the items in the display? Unless you’re one of the first visitors, you’ll most likely find that the items displayed are practically sold out or no longer available in your size. That’s the power of display. There is a whole field of study dedicated to the psychology of retail display and the big stores know how to create displays that trigger emotional buying impulses. We’ve all fallen victim to these tricks–saying “I’ve gotta have that,” when we didn’t even enter the store to buy the item.  Which is why it’s so important to show potential customers exactly what it is you do. People who are shopping for custom t-shirts often don’t know what they really want and need to see samples before selecting the color, type of print, size of print, etc… It’s your job to make it as easy as possible for your customers to place their order. There are many ways to accomplish this:

For complete instructions, visit this blog post from Transfer Express.

For complete instructions, visit this blog post from Transfer Express.

1) Make up a sample book or better yet, a mini-t-shirt sample ring. Transfer Express wrote a how-to blog on this, but you can probably figure it out from these photos. Mini t-shirts are a fabulous selling tool and are available in packs of 10 in black or white from Stahls’. The most important thing to remember is to show your best work on the t-shirts. You can do so many things with your heat press. Show examples of full color prints, metallic, reflective and two-color names and numbers. Even if your best seller is a one color logo, you always want to put your best foot forward when making a first impression.

2) Display examples of your best printed work on your walls or create a rack of printed samples of pieces you have done for other customers. You can put a sign on the rack that says “NOT FOR SALE” and this will draw people to it! When someone sees a shirt they like from the local pizza place, they know you can make a shirt that will represent their business. Showing samples of your work accomplishes two things. First it shows your quality work and secondly, it says that you do business with a lot of people. People your new customers may even know and recognize.

3) Have your staff members wear printed shirts. If you don’t have employees, YOU wear printed shirts. I am always shocked at how many folks with shirt printing businesses don’t even have a shirt with their own business name on it. Your employees are living mannequins for your garments. As an alternative to plain uniform type shirts with a name on the pocket, allow them to get creative and create their own shirts to wear. Let them customize popular stock transfers with lettering, or cut custom designs from heat transfer vinyls. Encourage them to take current events themes and trends into consideration.

4) Another way to inspire your customers is to use idea filled catalogs or collections that contain hundreds of sayings and suggestions for every occasion. Feature many different lettering styles for fleece wear, T-shirts and uniforms.

5) Make a photo album. Customers enjoy being able to point to a garment and say, I’ll take that, but in a different color. This way they feel creative, even if they needed a little help. If you can’t afford to keep samples of actual shirts you have printed on hand, take a picture of some of the better shirts created in your store and post them where other customers can see. It’s also helpful for you to remember the jobs you have done and what the customer wants when they call in and re-order. They assume you will know!

6) Buy 1 5XL t-shirt in the brightest color and print custom logos all over it. The size of the shirt will grab people’s attention and you can fit a lot of designs on it to tell a story of what you have to offer.

7) Invest in inexpensive molded body forms to showcase your shirts. This is cheaper than mannequins, more effective than hangers. You’ll improve in your display skills when you make notes of what works and what doesn’t. Make sure you keep track of which displays generate sales and which ones are just gathering dust. Keep things fresh, update your displays every week. Creating displays that inspire sales is a true art. Always be on the lookout for displays that you like and try to recreate them in your business.


Heat Printing at the 2017 NFL Combine

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Heat printing makes on-site personalization possible at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine that took place in Indianapolis Feb. 28-Mar 6.

Heat printing makes on-site personalization possible at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine that took place in Indianapolis Feb. 28-Mar 6.

For the fifth year in a row, a team from Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center was on hand at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine to make sure all participants had the right custom performance wear and gear. Every year prior to the NFL Draft, hundreds of the very best college football players are invited to participate in this National Invitational Camp. It’s a physically grueling event, with top execs, coaching staff, and medical personnel from all 32 NFL teams on hand to evaluate players’ skills and determine their placement in the upcoming NFL Draft.  Although most of the gear for every combine player is customized before the event at Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center, there is still a need for on-site customization. This is because the NFL estimates the size of each player based on height and weight stats. Since these stats change or may not calculate into the correct garment size, new items must be heat printed on the spot. So when a combine participant needed a different size, Stahls’ team of Kristi and Doug Gaydos heat printed custom Under Armour gear for the player on the spot. In addition, they also fulfilled special heat printing requests on items such as shoes and gloves for the players. They also heat printed a set of custom garments for Deion Sanders, which he wore during his interviews and broadcasting at the Combine. For each jersey and customization, the appropriate CAD-CUT heat transfer materials are cut and weeded, and then applied using a Hotronix heat press. This video shows you how you can use your heat press to print on shoes.

Top 5 Ways to Use Your Heat Press

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5-Ways-to-Print-a-TShirt-Infograph-826x1024If you own a heat press and are looking for more ways to make it profitable, here are the top 5 ways decorate t-shirts with a heat press. 1. Screen printed transfers are the easiest way to start. Order your custom designs from Transfer Express, no artwork necessary. You can design online, even from your phone or smart device. Browse our designs and personalize them or upload your own artwork. One-color designs can ship the same day. When you receive, heat apply in as fast as 4 seconds.

2. CAD-CUT Heat transfer vinyl.

You can add names and numbers in one quick step by ordering Player Perfect from Stahls'.

You can add names and numbers in one quick step by ordering Player Perfect from Stahls’.

If you own a cutter, you can cut your own designs. If you don’t own a cutter, use our cutting services. Whether you need a player name, a logo, or a player name and number on one mylar sheet, we can cut it for you. All you do is heat apply. Choose from a wide selection of designs, colors and finishes. Use our templates or submit your own artwork. Order as little as one piece. Rush services available. 3. Digital transfers are the right choice if you have full color designs. Send us your full color artwork and we’ll send you a transfer that is ready for heat printing with our CAD-Printz service. 4. Rhinestone transfers are easier to use than you think. Stahls’ has stock rhinestone images with popular phrases such as “bride” or “princess.” Or you can just add a touch of bling with rhinestone hearts, stars or flags. Wildside Transfers has more elaborate rhinestone designs that apply with your heat press. 5. You can add numbers and letters to any shirt, turning it into a uniform. Even the simplest t-shirt can become a treasured team jersey. You can purchase numbers and letters by the pack or by the kit.

Adding numbers to a t-shirt is one of the top ways to use a heat press.

Adding numbers to a t-shirt is one of the top ways to use a heat press.