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How To Letter and Number Jerseys

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Anyone can print team jerseys with pre-cuts and a heat press.

Anyone can print team jerseys with pre-cuts and a heat press.

If you’ve always wanted to start offering the service of custom names and numbers on team jerseys, but didn’t know how to get started, this video shows you the basics in under 2 minutes. Find out just how easy it is. No excuses, especially if you already own a heat press.  Offer your customers this sought-after, highly profitable service today. Any questions? We’re here to help. Click here for a link to our upcoming live classes on Stahlstv.com.

Hot Twill Trend

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Katie Dambro posted this popular Greek design created with CAD-Printz PermaTwill.

Katie Dambro shared this popular Greek design created with CAD-PRINTZ Perma-TWILL with a Kiss-Cut Silver Metallic Twill background.

Katie Dambro  of Duo Studio Designs sent us this very hot twill trend, which features CAD-PRINTZ® Perma-TWILL™ on a silver metallic twill background. We think it’s fantastic, especially since it’s the Detroit skyline as viewed from the Detroit River. And we’re not the only fans. Katie says, “It was an overnight sensation! We’ve already had requests as far as San Francisco!” Keep up the wonderful creative work Katie.  We wish you all the best in your business. If you are interested in using Perma-TWILL (no sewing required) for a design idea you have, you can upload your artwork, we’ll print and cut it and then you can heat apply. It’s great for full color logos of all shapes and sizes.

Stars and Stripes Coming Along

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Here’s an update on the restoration and custom paint job of the 1932 Ford Roadster that is one of the four cars we have entered in the 2015 Great Race. It’s coming along really well and we’ll show you the finished car when it’s all done.

1932 Ford Roadster is primed and waiting for its custom "Stars and Stripes" repaint.

1932 Ford Roadster is primed and waiting for its custom “Stars and Stripes” repaint.

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Who Can I Sell To, What Can I Heat Print?

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Looking for new customers?

Looking for new customers?

It’s a new day. And time to either find new customers or thinking about how to sell more to the ones you already have. The infogram created by Transfer Express will give you an idea of some new types of customers, the huge list below covers just some of the  things that can be decorated using a heat press. Keep in mind that this list keeps growing and is by no means final or finite. Did we miss anything? Keep in mind that just about anything you can fit under a heat press can be heat printed. (Remember when we told you about the guy who heat printed a motorcycle tire?)

You can heat print on backpacks.

You can heat print on backpacks.


• T-Shirts (with and without pockets, full front/back, left chest and sleeves)
• Hoodies (non-split front, split front and zippered)
• Sweatshirts & Pants
• Tank Tops
• Vests
• Fleece Garments
• Performance Wear (compression garments)
• Swimsuits
• Swimsuit Cover-Ups
• Neoprene Jackets
• Polyester Jackets
• Nylon Jackets
• Jean Jackets
• Jeans
• Correctional Facility Uniforms
• Aprons
• Onesies

• Socks
• Shorts
• Underwear
• Pajamas
• Band Uniforms
• Shoes
• Flip-Flops
• Caps (baseball, visors, sunhat, skull cap, beanie)
• Fishing Vests
• Belts (Leather, Fabric)
• Boots
• Mittens/Gloves
• Diaper Covers
• Neckties
• Scrubs
• Military Uniforms
• Suspenders
• Corporate ID Wear (Polos, dress shirts, oxfords)
• Snow Pants
• Snowmobile Gear
• Lab Coats
• Bathrobes
• Baby Bibs
• Leotards
• Safety Wear (shirts, vests, jackets)
• Yoga Pants
• Leggings

Promotional Products

Yes, you can personalize just about anything you can put under a heat press, like these slipper boots. Perfect for gifts.

Yes, you can personalize just about anything you can put under a heat press, like these slipper boots. Perfect for gifts.

• Padfolio/Portfolio (leather, nylon, fabric, zippered)

• Memo Books
• Backpacks
• Umbrellas
• Wallets
• Can Koozies
• Bottle Koozies
• Wine Koozies
• Wine Bags
• Lunch Bags
• Insulated Bags
• Brief Cases
• Laptop Bags
• Laptop Sleeves
• USB Pouches
• Messenger Bags
• Drawstring Sport Packs
• Bank Bags
• Luggage Tags
• Business Card Holders
• Golf Bags
• Golf Gloves
• Golf Tee Holder
• Tee Towels
• Flags
• Burgees
• Sunglasses
• Fanny Pack
• Cell Phone Holders
• Key Fobs
• Mouse Pads
• Magnets
• Book Marks
• Lanyards
• Polypropylene Bags
• Stadium Chairs
• Beach Chairs
• Directors Chairs
• Travel Folding Chairs
• Bean Bag Chairs
• Bowling Ball Bags
• Bowling Towels

You can heat print on chairs

You can heat print on chairs

• Neck Wallet
• Neck Badge Holders
• Mouse Pads
• Coasters
• Cloth Grocery Bags

• Ribbons (for hair & Christmas trees)
• Storage Bins & Boxes
• Boxing Gloves
• Baby Blankets
• Cloth Photo Frames
• Bandanas
• Head Bands
• Wristbands
• Lamp Shades
• Throw Pillows
• Leather Bracelets
• Slip Covers
• Tents
• Sleeping Bags
• Curtains
• Toilet Seat Covers
• Towels
• Wheelchairs and Accessories (bags, seat covers)
• Diaper Bags
• Purses
• Christmas Tree Skirts
• Cloth Napkins
• Cloth Banners
• Guitar Straps
• Stuffed Animals
• Dish Towels
• Table Cloth
• Stadium Blankets
• Pageant Sashes
• Cloth Awnings
• Hammocks
• Musical Instrument Bags
• Tennis Racket Covers
• Bat Bags
• Golf Flags
• Doll Clothes
• Doll Bedding
• Bedding Sheets
• Pillow Cases
• Tote Bags
• Gardening Caddies
• Garment Bags
• Round Duffle Bags
• Stool Covers
• Floor Mats
• Costumes
• Fans
• Clothing Tags

Pet Apparel and Accessories

• Pet Coats
• Pet Rain Coats
• Pet Shirts
• Pet Dresses
• Pet Pajamas
• Pet Beds
• Pet Shelters
• Pet Bandanas
• Pet Foot Covers (shoes)
• Dog Back Packs
• Collars
• Harnesses
• Leashes
• Soft -Sided Bowls
• Bags
• Doggie Potty Pants
• Birdcage Covers
• Horse Blankets
• Horse Tail Bags
• Horse Mane Covers

Spring Brings New Life

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Lindsay, congratulations on your new Graphtec cutter and also on the birth of this beautiful foal!

Lindsey, congratulations on your new Graphtec cutter and also on the birth of this beautiful foal!

Another one of Lindsay's barn tenants doesn't look too happy about the new baby.

Another one of Lindsey’s barn tenants doesn’t look too happy about the new baby.

Welcome to the first week of Spring everyone. We recently heard from a new apparel decorator who recently upgraded from a hobby cutter to a Graphtec cutter to and she sent us a few pictures to explain why she is so busy. Lindsey Netterville is located in a rural area in Southern Mississippi and her growing personalization business needed a productivity boost. Lindsey definitely has her hands full, especially with the recent birth of her beautiful foal. She also sent us a picture of her zebra! Thank you for sharing Lindsey, we wish you the very best with your customization business–and all the animals too. If you would like more information on how a cutter can make your garment decoration business more productive, click here for information on vinyl-cutter investment strategies.