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Color Rush, Yay or Nay?

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Some of the teams participating in the NFL's Color Rush this season. Photo Nike.

Some of the teams participating in the NFL’s Color Rush this season. Photo Nike.

If you are an NFL football fan, you may already be aware of the Color Rush concept that was introduced last season for Thursday night games, and is being repeated this season due to its popularity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. The NFL Color Rush kicked off last year, designed,–according to the NFL Operations Website–“…to unite teams and fan bases.” In addition to offering fans a new way to support their teams, it’s interesting to see the teams decked out in a monochromatic (one color head to toe) look. What began as an experiment last year, with not all teams participating, has grown to include almost every team. The league has also learned from their mistakes, like last year when the Buffalo Bills played the New York Jets wearing all red and all green uniforms. Apparently, viewers with a particular color-blindness condition couldn’t discern one team from the other. Everyone has an opinion on color rush (what’s yours?). You shouldn’t miss uniform-expert Paul Lukas of UniWatch and his very well-educated take. How does this all impact your business? It’s always good to remain up on trends happening in the professional leagues, because it won’t be long until they trickle down to schools and other teams you work with.

New NHL Name and Number Kits Available

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nhlstore-1Stahls’ has been an official supplier of NHL® Player Name and Number Kits for many years. Which means we have to keep up with the latest styles and changes in the uniforms. With the start of the 2016-17 NHL season, our player name and number kits for this season’s rosters and new uniforms are now available. If you are a hockey fan and would like to have an overview of some of the changes in the uniforms this year, Matt did a good job explaining them in this recent Stahls’ blog. If you need more information about creating NHL replica jerseys, click here.

Congratulations to Cleveland

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At the start of the series in Atlanta. Photo credit ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

At the start of the series in Atlanta. (Photo credit ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

With our Transfer Express Manufacturing and Customer Service Center located in Mentor, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, you can imagine that we have many very excited fans at work right now! Congratulations on your victory over the Toronto Blue Jays and winning the American League. 

Never Stop Learning

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VP Regional Sales Director, Jennifer Joseph, center, led our team of outside sales representatives and managers in a Sales Summit meeting in Sterling Heights.

This week started off on the right foot with a Sales Summit led by VP Regional Sales Director Jennifer Joseph. I had the opportunity to speak briefly to the group and remind them that I’ve been involved in the art of selling all my life. I shared a bit of my history in sales before my life at Stahls’ began. (It’s a long story, maybe I’ll share it another time.) And when my brother Brian and I did purchase the company from our parents, we had less than 20 staff members, none of whom specialized in sales. It was an exciting time, at the beginning of the Impressions/Imprinted Sportswear trade shows and the whole explosion of t-shirt decorating.  Due to both lack of staff and an extremely low budget, my wife Mary and I were sometimes the only two sales people at trade shows. We would load up as many letters and numbers as we could and sample and sell in order to buy dinner! Some things change, but our philosophy about sales hasn’t. We aren’t here to sell you just “things,” we’re here to help you find the right products and services you need to grow your business. Our outside sales reps and those on the phone are the most knowledgeable and highly experienced people you could hope to meet when it comes to garment decorating. Many have years of entrepreneurial, hands-on experience and they all know their way around a heat press.

An old snapshot of me back in the day, providing customer service.

An old snapshot of me back in the day, providing customer service.

Our outside sales reps are from all over the country and we truly appreciate them taking the time to attend, learn, share ideas and trade experiences that will hopefully make them ready to serve you better than ever.

Heat Printing Idea from StahlsTV

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Find out how you can create this sweatshirt design. Brought to you by StahlsTV, ProjectPressIt. Make sure you become a registered StahlsTV visitor and you won’t miss anything else.


CAD-CUT Thermo-FLOCK is used to give this sweatshirt design modern texture and dimension.


Once you discover how easy it is to use Thermo-FLOCK, you will be inspired to use it for other decorating projects.

Every week StahlsTV brings you the best educational content in the garment decorating industry. In case you missed anything last week, you can catch up quickly with their new Weekly Recap. I’m re-posting the ProjectPressIt video from last week, which shows you how to make a very creative front and back sweatshirt design featuring color and dimension.