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Kudos to Bed Bath and Beyond

Inspiration for improving the way you do business doesn’t always have to come from within the imprinted sportswear industry. I’ve talked a lot about “finding a niche”, and last week I ran across an example of niche retailing at its finest–the special niche of outfitting your kid’s college dorm room through a registry service that offers pick […]

Old Navy Needs a Heat Press

We all make mistakes and someone at Old Navy made a minor grammatical error that most of the world probably wouldn’t even notice. But the internet doesn’t let anything go unnoticed anymore and so all we can say to Old Navy is…get a heat press and some custom cut apostrophes and offer to add the […]

How To Sell More T-shirts in 23 Days–Day 23

Day 23–REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT Even if you’ve read all my suggestions over the past 23 days, and believe that you actively market your business and work your customer base on a daily basis, don’t fall into the trap you think that EVERYONE out there already knows who you are, what you do, what you sell. If […]

How to Sell More T-Shirts in 23 Days–Day 22

DAY 22–TAKE 10 MINUTES A DAY If you’re like most business owners, you’re busy everyday with all kinds of small details. When do you have time to work on marketing ideas or find new customers? My advice? Set aside 10 minutes each day to spot a local business that you would like to gain as […]

My Blog in the Detroit Free Press

Welcome new readers! I was wondering why this blog was getting a little more attention than usual on the weekend and then I realized it was the result of a mention in a recent Detroit Free Press article that was published on Sunday. It was on the front page of the business section in the print version, […]