How To Avoid Heat Press Marks on Polyester

Learn about the benefits of using a Flexible Application Pad to prevent heat press marks.

Ever wondered how to prevent those undesirable heat press marks when pressing on certain items? In addition to reducing the temperature of your heat press whenever possible, you may also benefit a heat printing accessory that we call a “Flexible Application Pad.”

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In addition to lowering your heat printing temperatures, this video shows you how you can use a flexible application pad to help you prevent buttons, zippers and snaps from coming in direct contact with the heated upper platen of your heat press. Using a flexible application pad is a great way to avoid heat press marks on polyester garments that are more sensitive to heat. This is truly a versatile heat printing accessory that you should have on hand to ensure top quality, professional heat printing results every time. And don’t forget, you’ll probably need to increase your pressing time when using this pad, by approximately 10 seconds.


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  1. Ted says:

    Keep in mind that the flexible application pad will reduce the temperature so you need to make sure you add some additional seconds when using it. Although Thermo-FILM is the world’s best selling material for sports jerseys, sometimes you need to experiment with performance wear. Or you can switch to a different type of cover sheet, such as a Teflon or Kraft Paper. Please contact our customer service at 800-4-STAHLS and they help you out directly.

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