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More Last Minute Heat Printing Ideas

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hqdefault-3We’re sharing this how-to heat print video from StahlsTV because many of these personalization ideas can easily be adapted for gift-giving throughout the year. With the holidays upon us, we hope you are experiencing a busy and profitable end of the year selling season. Even though it can get hectic at times, it’s always wonderful to have orders to fill. Here’s to a fantastic Christmas season to all of you and successful selling. Please make sure you register with StahlsTV to make sure you don’t miss any of their upcoming predictions for 2017 and other things you need to know to have a more profitable 2017.

1 comment to More Last Minute Heat Printing Ideas

  • Richard Pietrowski

    Outstanding Video, I always learn at least one thing from every video that is published, Always surprised to learn something new. Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas to all at Stahl’s from
    The T-Shirt & Button Co.

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