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Stahls’ Paczki Day Coneys

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Dan Stahl insists it wasn't hard finding volunteers to try this new "mixed media" creation, the Paczki-Coney on Paczki Day at Stahls' in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Dan Stahl (right) insists it wasn’t hard finding volunteers to try this new “mixed media” creation, the Paczki-Coney on Paczki Day at Stahls’ in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

The Paczki-Coney made its debut at Stahls' in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

The Paczki-Coney made its debut at Stahls’ in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

I’ve written about mixed media heat print applications before, but this combination is not something you will find under a heat press. If you’re from the Detroit area, there are two words in your food vocabulary that may cause the uninitiated to glance at you with questioning eyes. One is paczki (pronounced poonch-key or punch-key),  a traditional Fat Tuesday delight more commonly known as a donut. Specifically, a jelly-filled donut. It’s a tradition for many in the Detroit area to indulge in paczkis on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, the day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. And it’s long been a tradition at the Michigan Stahls’ locations for folks to pass boxes of paczkis around the shop. Another Detroit-area foodie tradition has less to do with Fat Tuesday and more to do with hot dogs. Coney Dogs are a variation on the hot dog, usually served covered with chilli sauce and onions. “Coneys” refer to the hot dogs themselves and it’s also local code for the typically Greek-American owned “Coney Island” diners at which they are served. When the Detroit Free Press published a photo of a paczki-wrapped Detroit coney, some brave souls (Dan Stahl and Stephanie Briske leading the charge) set out on a mission to recreate this hybrid. According to Dan, “We were able to create our own Stahls’ Paczki Day Coney, with the help of two local establishments. So a special shout out to Mannino’s Bakery in Sterling Heights, which was able to supply us with unfilled paczkis.  We then sought out the help of LA Coney Island Restaurant in Sterling Heights, where they were willing to top off the paczkis with Coneys for us.” This is not a snack for everyone, but it was reported that those brave enough to try one ended up a firm believer. Dan insists, “They are delicious!” I’m going to have to take his word for it, since I wasn’t around to give it a try. There’s always next year.

2 comments to Stahls’ Paczki Day Coneys

  • Oh my gosh, how we miss Coneys! Husband and I grew up outside of Detroit, and LOVE us some Coney dogs. We live in Texas now, and most people don’t even know what a Coney dog is down here! I saw that pic of the paczki Coney on FB from American Coney Island (Lafayette is better!) and wanted to try one so badly!

  • Ted

    Suzanna, thanks for reading. It does look good doesn’t it? Good luck with your business. Ted

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